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    Does Cannabis Use Help Blood Pressure? 

    October 22, 2021

October 22, 2021

Does Cannabis Use Help Blood Pressure? 

Does Cannabis Use Help Blood Pressure? 

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Despite the few negative comments about cannabis in some locations, this substance has proven to serve numerous benefits to humans and their environs. Although, excess use of cannabis has affected many individuals’ psychological and blood levels, which is why experts have always advised using it on recommendation or in minimal quantities.

To gain knowledge about how cannabis helps decrease or improve the body system and other likely substances that affect blood levels, kindly peruse this content.

What is cannabis?

This substance is a plant with psychoactive properties as its scientific name includes Cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderalis or Cannabis indica. In some geography, this substance is called marijuana, weed or pot.

The simple process of extracting marijuana includes harvesting the plant after the flower is dried. However, because of the immense benefit marijuana plays, it is becoming a legal item across different locations.

To preserve or make cannabis more effective, people have begun to add chemical products to the substances. Note that these additions might elongate the effectiveness of the intended cannabis but with a detrimental effect on the user.

How does cannabis operate in the human body?

Every part of the cannabis plant has its specific functions. The flower is of medicinal or recreational importance as seeds and stems effectively produce industrial oil, fiber, or consumption in various households. For more benefits about each part of cannabis, kindly inquire from a professional in this aspect. 

There are different techniques of ingesting cannabis into the body as some put it inside the food they want to consume or smoke it. Note that utilizing this plant would determine how it affects your body, so ingest it only when professional advice.

When you smoke this substance, it flows through your bloodstream to the brain and other essential organs of the body, as you might notice one or more physiological changes. The effect of cannabis occurs a few seconds or minutes after the ingestion process.

It takes a longer duration to notice the effect of this plant when mixed with food or drinks, unlike smoking, as it passes through the digestive system before sending information to the brain and other parts of the user’s body.

From various reports, some of the adverse effects of using marijuana include tiredness, pain, insomnia, discomfort, and other psychological symptoms. However, this substance has served as an essential ingredient in different medicinal products that are effective across the globe.

How marijuana affects the blood pressure

Medical experts have reiterated that constant use of cannabis or substance that contains this plant helps to improve blood pressure, heart rate, and hypotension. In addition, the decrease in supine blood pressure helps in the disappearance of orthostatic hypotension, thereby increasing the blood volume.

The above information implies that when you ingest Cannabis into your body, it provides numerous essentials values to your system. Also, a US professor expresses that marijuana helps improve parasympathetic activities and circulatory system response.

The negative effect of cannabis is not always witnessed in young and healthy adults as professionals mentioned nemesis like stroke, myocardial infarction etc., for excessive use of this substance.

Medical adviser Dr. Bonni Goldstein said cannabis increasing or decreasing blood pressure depends on its usage. If you have to underline health issues, seek professional advice on the best approach to get treatment as constant usage of this plant would simply increase your heart rate and decrease blood pressure. In studies, most individuals who use marijuana while standing or sitting experience reduced blood pressure, unlike vice versa.

Researcher Dr. Melanie Bone reiterates that using cannabis helps reduce anxiety and relaxes blood vessels, thereby decreasing blood pressure. However, it is still advisable to seek professional guidance before using this substance.

Cannabis and maintaining blood pressure

Cannabis has proven to serve numerous benefits in the body, which is why more countries are legalizing it. However, medical practitioners are still researching the full potential effect of this plant. In addition, if you are worried about using blood pressure medication and smoking weed, experts have affirmed that this attitude could result in high blood pressure.

Dr. Goldstein, in a report, said individuals with hypertension or heart disease should stop smoking marijuana because the gas emitted from this plant binds with oxygen in the blood cell, thereby reducing the presence of oxygen in the tissue or heart. She further recommends that the victim consume the plant by mixing it in food to lower blood pressure.


There are different ways of using cannabis to nourish your body but understand that it is advisable to seek professional assistance if there is an underlying health issue before usage. Research has confirmed that the effect of marijuana during smoking is within a shorter duration, unlike when eaten in food. If you experience any sort of dizziness or abnormality, kindly reach out to a doctor.








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