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    What are some of the challenges for aging Senior Citizens in today’s world? And how are CBD and Cannabis helping Senior Citizens age more gracefully?

    October 23, 2021

October 23, 2021

What are some of the challenges for aging Senior Citizens in today’s world? And how are CBD and Cannabis helping Senior Citizens age more gracefully?

What are some of the challenges for aging Senior Citizens in today’s world? And how are CBD and Cannabis helping Senior Citizens age more gracefully?

The Effect Of CBD and Cannabis On Senior Citizens

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State laws are now making marijuana legal because people discover the recreational and medical benefits. For health benefits, these tailored substances are in new products specifically for the adult age group. 

One such package is CBD, now available in a topical cream, oil vapor, edible substance, and ingestible tinctures. Similarly, cannabis is available in different forms without making the user feel tipsy, as research shows the positive effect of CBD is welcoming to senior citizens.

Most senior citizens are not aware of the medicinal importance of this substance as there are numerous ways they can inject it into their bodies compared to inhaling the smoke. Below are common challenges aging  senior citizens face daily;

Engagement and Purpose

Sometimes, old age causes marginalization of adults in the community. When you help older individuals stay relevant by involving them in basic societal activities, it improves their mental health. Ensure to devise creative ways to tap into their wisdom to serve as lessons and opportunities for young ones.


Most times, older people find it challenging to keep up with finance and calculations as there are reports of fraud cases in some instances. To create a better understanding of managing their money, simply devise a model that will cater to the basic expenses of these citizens to prevent vulnerability to fraudsters.


Mobility comes with age. When you grow older, there are specific tasks you might not be able to perform compared to when you are younger. Among the top priority of most senior citizens is safety during daily movement. There are numerous products, services, and programs designed to serve this niche. These substances ensure balance, independence, and strength during adult movement.

Daily lifestyle

Most adults above the age of 60 find it challenging to go about the daily activities they perform during their younger days. Most require assistance to perform actions like dressing, visiting the toilet, bathing, and eating. The right product can reduce this challenge to a minimal level and enhance the individual to develop new healthy habits.


Because senior citizens find it difficult to perform basic tasks, there is a need for formal or informal caregivers’ attention. In addition, family caregivers might ensure necessary support, training, and resources, but legal caregivers might not perform as effectively because they are working for the revenue. In addition, prompt exercise and a good diet enable senior citizens to stay healthy and take care of themselves.

Brain health

Statistics show that Alzheimer’s disease, one of the leading causes of mortality in the US, occurs among individuals above 70 years as there are no cures for this ailment. However, there are precautions you can follow to increase awareness and cognitive fitness for senior citizens.

How Cannabis and CBD aid healthy aging for senior citizens

Pain relief

Cannabis is an effective pain reliever irrespective of age. In countries where they legalize the intake, medical practitioners advise their patients to ingest a required amount. Clinical studies show marijuana decreases nerve pain, arthritis, and other muscles & joint pains. Old age might come with inevitable body pains, so senior citizens should take a minimal amount of CBD or any of its plant extract.

Healthy bones

Old age comes with bone fragility. However, studies show cannabis supports healthy bones and heal fractures because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly, if you experience sclerosis, consider using CBD. With the nutritional intake of this substance, senior citizens will share healthier bones compared to individuals in their age group. 

Soothing effect

Part of the challenges older citizens experience is the constant loss of energy. The consumption of CBD strengthens the body cells and promotes energy to carry out daily tasks. Furthermore, CBD contains antioxidants and other properties that increase awareness.

Fights Glaucoma

Although there is still ongoing research on how cannabis treats glaucoma, this plant extract contains properties that help manage pain, which reduces intraocular pressure (LoP) that result in glaucoma.

Sleep issue (Insomnia)

Deep sleep might be difficult to achieve at old age, so you need a portion of marijuana to regenerate and free the brain from toxic substances produced by the body. Most aged individuals use drugs to enhance healthy sleep, but it might result in unpleasant effects. 


Although CBD and cannabis provide numerous economic and health benefits. However, it is advisable to seek a medical prescription before using CBD or cannabis as a senior citizen. Cannabis and CBD can be a great way to help seniors with the symptoms of aging. This is because it offers relief from pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia and other common problems as we age. If you know someone who could benefit from cannabis or CBD products please share this article with them!






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