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    What are the biggest safety challenges for (Sex Positive) online dating? And what are the 7 Best strategies to keep ourselves safe?

    October 24, 2021

October 24, 2021

What are the biggest safety challenges for (Sex Positive) online dating? And what are the 7 Best strategies to keep ourselves safe?

What are the biggest safety challenges for (Sex Positive) online dating? And what are the 7 Best strategies to keep ourselves safe?

The Challenges & Solution To Online Dating

Online dating is a system of affectionate connections between two individuals over the internet. The goal of this communication might vary as some get involved in this romantic gesture for reasons like grade, intimacy, finances, etc.

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A wide range of platforms offers these services based on individual profiles. But, first, you have to create a portfolio and upload content(video, image, or text) that intrigues the intended partner to pick interest in you.

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Creating a profile on most services enables you to access other’s information and decide if it is appropriate to initiate a conversation or not. Then, based on preference, members can limit interaction to online space or take the communication to another level by meeting physically.

The challenges of online dating

A popular challenge of online dating is that a partner might be skeptical about providing authentic information about themselves. Although you are communicating with a natural person, the personal details provided by the one you are relating with might not be what you assume. Most times, trauma from this dishonesty can damage someone’s life.

The addition of the internet has made dating more complicated and frustrating. Before current civilization, dating used to be a face-to-face interaction where people get to know the kind of person that interests them. Still, now, numerous applications make it easy to meet people.

Individuals used to online dating might find it challenging to meet people in real life, thereby depriving them of possible opportunities. Similarly, as someone that spends more duration on a dating platform, meeting for the first time might be challenging as you have to think of your safety, especially for women.

Although everyone has a choice as to what makes them comfortable in the aspect of safety precaution, there are essential tips to consider in the first encounter meeting, some of which include meeting in a public place.

Similarly, inform a family member, friend, or colleague of your outing and provide the online details and picture of the person you want to meet as you don’t leave your meal or drink unattended throughout the expedition.

Although online dating helped numerous individuals find their soulmates. However, do not get carried away with it, as these services can affect your mental health and self-esteem. The internet provides an avenue for individuals to connect irrespective of social class. As clarified above, choosing online dating to communicate with new people depends on preference.

Seven strategies to stay safe during online dating


  • Don’t give out excess information about yourself


Yes, you indeed need to introduce yourself and let your partner know a bit about you. However, it is hazardous to share vital information with someone you don’t know personally. So avoid questions like where do you live? How much do you earn? Where do you work? 


  • Don’t feel ashamed to say “NO.”


If you notice the conversation is getting too lengthy and your partner is asking too much, you have a right to say “NO.” However, some individuals might feel reluctant to reply because they feel it may turn off their partner. 

Well, it is best to protect yourself from heartbreak or fraud by keeping vital information to yourself. Then, whenever you have a conversation with anyone, you change your mind and don’t feel uncomfortable saying “NO.”


  • Ensure to meet only at a public place


Irrespective of how you feel about your online friend or partner. It is essential to emphasize that you should only meet them in public places for your safety. You can decide to meet at an eatery, stadium, cinema, etc. The location you should suggest must be where you can quickly get security access if an unwanted event occurs.


  • Inform someone if you plan to meet your friend/partner


Don’t make the mistake of going out with someone you meet online without informing a close relative or friend. First, give them details of the person you want to meet and the expected time you should be back. Then, during the conversation with your online date, ensure your friend checks up on you periodically.


  • If there is a need for driving, drive yourself


Don’t allow your online date to pick you up at the designated place. Take public transport if you don’t have a personal car. Irrespective of how friendly the person sounds online, first think of your security.


  • Stay alert


You need a little bit of courage when dealing with online dates. Furthermore, you can decide to stay away from alcohol or anything that will make you feel tipsy during the meeting. If you get drunk mistakenly, call a cab and go home.


  • If you notice any irregularities, take action


When you feel uncomfortable anywhere, don’t be afraid to leave. In addition, pay attention to your environment and conversation. Finally, if you sense any terrible vibes, feel free to leave.


Online dating is safe and fun if you pay attention to necessary information and consider your safety utmost. As clarified above, if you sense any irregularities during the meeting, don’t feel threatened to leave.





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