About Us

CannabisWellnessParty.com is infusing Generosity, Collaboration & Wellness into the Cannabis Industry!!!

Founder- Jedi Steve aka @BobCapella aka Stephen T. Jones

  • Jedi Steve is a Bob Marley Impersonator and More specializing Team-Building, Marketing and Entertainment in the Cannabis Industry.

What the Industry is saying about Jedi Steve?

Brooklyn Holdings, LLC 


We are a High Tech/ High Touch Startup incubator helping you connect the dots towards your sustainable results.


We help People and organizations transform their Visions,  Missions and Goals into sustainable results…

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  • We measure success by your success…
  • We create the space for your team to succeed…
  • We help your team become aware of your efficiency blind spots….
  • We help you to anticipate and harmonize with results in a changing world…
  • We partner with you to attract Startup resources for your  company projects….
  • We aim to be an extension of your Mission, Vision and Goals…

If you have an App, Company Brand and/or Cause to be launched we could help you make a huge splash. 

How may we serve you?

How can we help take your brand to the next level?

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Our 3 steps Business Assessment is designed to challenge you and your team to bridge the gap between what we say, what we do, and what we have the potential to create. This process is designed for individuals and organizations to identify what they need to focus on to create a bigger impact.

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