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    Are humans electrical beings? And how can we benefit mentally and physically from walking barefoot and groundings?

    October 22, 2021

October 22, 2021

Are humans electrical beings? And how can we benefit mentally and physically from walking barefoot and groundings?

Are humans electrical beings? And how can we benefit mentally and physically from walking barefoot and groundings?

People become amazed when they feel a flow of electrical current in their bodies. It could be a scary experience for those ignorant that the human body has a degree of electrical current.

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Electricity can be found all around us, and our body is not an exception. Our body cells are designed to administer a degree of electrical current. It is the electricity that signals the nervous system and brain: and makes us move, feel, and think.

Every of our unconscious or conscious, mental or physical living functions are made possible by the electrical current in our system.

For instance, the heart is a vital part of our body. The muscles around the heart are drawn by a low degree of electrical current. The current in the heart can be measured and monitored with an EKG/ECG.

Another vital part of our body that generates electricity for our use is the brain. For example, the human brain possesses enough current to ignite a light bulb of 15-20 watts. An electroencephalogram can be used to observe and monitor the current in the brain.

When electrical current deviates or breaks on the body, it could result in epilepsy, Bell’s palsy, and Tourette’s syndrome. Humans can emit and absorb electrical current. We all have a unique electrical fingerprint, just as we are genetically different. An individual’s electrical fingerprint determines their electrical structure.

When an injury occurs, it breaks the flow of current in the body. But, amazingly, a natural healing process can begin when a charged individual touches the injured. The touch helps to bridge and patch the disturbed flow of current in the body. Thus, electricity in the human body is vital for our survival.

How can we generate electricity from the human body?

  • Footsteps.

According to Pavegen, a footstep on a company’s tiles can generate up to seven watts of power. The electricity generated can power a street LED and last for 30 seconds.

  • Body heat.

A professor of Physics at Wake Forest University called David Carroll produced Power Felt, a flexible cloth capable of conducting current and giving thermal insulation. For people who can generate 100-200 electrical currents in their body, produced outfits have enough watts to run a cellphone and its likes.

  • Blood flow.

A group of researchers from Switzerland led by Engineer Alois Pfenniger has shown the world a glimpse of ‘microturbines implanted in the human arteries,’ generating electricity.

Mental and Physical Benefits of Walking Barefoot and Groundings

Walking barefoot is also called earthing. Earthing involves walking without shoes on the grass, sand, or soil. The health benefits of earthing are linked to the tie between electrons on the earth’s surface and our body. Several earthing therapies benefit the human body physically and mentally.

Some benefits include:

  1. Earthing prevents clumping. Clumping can reduce blood velocity.                     
  2. It controls the nervous system and endocrine.
  3. It helps to treat chronic fatigue when treated with a grounding mat.
  4. An hour of grounding therapy daily improved the mood. It helps people who have depression and anxiety.                                                 
  5. It helps to reduce cardiovascular diseases. It’s a therapy that helps people with hypertension.
  6. It reduces inflammation and chronic pains when you use grounding patches.
  7. It assists the immune system.
  8. It reduces the risk of cancer.
  9. It helps people with sleep disorders.
  10. It can lessen menstrual pains and relieve headaches.

Final Note

The human body functions only with the presence of electrical current. The degree of current in our system makes it possible to feel, think, and move.

Our body can generate electricity through exercise, body heat, footsteps, urine, and feces. Our body is also capable of receiving and passing out current from one person to another.

Earthing and grounding have a lot of physical and mental benefits to our bodies. For example, when we walk barefoot, it helps to reduce stress, headaches, menstrual cramps, risk of cancer and boosts our immune system, among other benefits.









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